Persōna Body Sculpting

Non-Surgical Fat Elimination Treatment. Safer & More Effective Than Liposuction!

Our safe and effective BODY SCULPTING technology uses non-invasive methods to eliminate 30 to 45% of the fat & cellulite in the targeted area. We use a combination of heat and ultrasound waves to safely kill the fat cells, allowing them to be expelled naturally through the body. Most clients feel minimal discomfort during treatment.

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#1 Most Effective

Ranked the #1 most effective non-invasive method for fat reduction & cellulite elimination.


Clinically tested with an over 90% client-satisfaction rate.


Once fat cells have been killed, they’re naturally digested from the body at its own pace.

See Real Results

Transformative results can start to be seen in as little as 3 weeks.

Pain Free

Clients report experiencing a mild tugging & cold sensation that lessens throughout the course of treatment.

No Sweat

Literally. You won’t sweat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it hurt?
How soon will I see results?
Are results permanent?
When can I return to my regular activities?